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Privacy policy
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Hotelregio.com respects the users´ privacy and complies with the strictest conditions regarding data protection. The personal data that Hotelregio.com compiles or processes during the registration process as well as in order to provide its services will only be used in accordance with the current legislation. Therefore, Hotelregio.com compiles processes and uses its personal data exclusively for the purpose set out hereby, in particular for the provision of the services required by the user

Besides, Hotelregio.com will not use your personal data for information, publicity or market research purposes, against the expressed will of its users. If you wish Hotelregio.com to process its data for information and marketing purposes and have given your permission voluntarily and clearly so that Hotelregio.com may use its data for research market or other purposes, you may unsubscribe at any time sending an email with your name to the following address: info@Hotelregio.com

The offer of a service by Hotelregio.com will not depend on giving permission to use data in this way. As giving permission to use personal data is a prerequisite to use certain services, underage users will only do so if they are fully aware of its consequences. Any personal data given freely by any user to Hotelregio.com, such as names, date of birth, address, telephone number, country, zip code, email address and/or any other data voluntarily given to Hotelregio.com as necessary in order to obtain a specific service, are included in automated files and processed in accordance with strict confidentiality and data protection rules.

This information is used by Hotelregio.com with the sole purpose of improving the services offered to its users and may be used for commercial or statistic purposes exclusively by Hotelregio.com.

Hotelregio.com does not share, provide or inform with regards to the users´ personal data to either publicity agents or any third parties.

Any personal information obtained by the users will not be revealed to any third parties without their previous permission, except in case this is required by any authority.

The user will be able to advise at any time regarding any change in their personal data, including the deletion, correction or cancellation of these by accessing the corresponding online form which can be found in the portal.

Hotelregio.com uses files that are automatically saved by the user´s browser in their hard disc in order to improve and facilitate navigation within the web page; in no circumstances can these files, cookies, read any information from the user´s hard disk or any other files created elsewhere. If you do not wish that your browser automatically accepts the cookies, you may change this by modifying the options of the browser.

Hotelregio.com´s publicity agents may also use their own cookies which will be activated by using the banner. Hotelregio.com cannot take any responsibility for the use of the information by third publicity agents in their web pages.

The services that provide information to our users through email are clearly authorised by the user; should the user not wish to receive this type of information, they will be able to advise us so that they are automatically deleted from our distribution list.
The use of any of the services offered by Hotelregio.com will be mean that the user accepts the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Should the user wish any further explanation, they may contact Hotelregio.com by sending an email to the following address: info@Hotelregio.com.